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Access a library of Behaviour Support videos from leading behaviour specialist Tanya Curtis. For professionals in mental health, disability, education and the justice system and beyond and for parents, carers and kids.

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Welcome to Fabic.tv

Access a library of videos from leading behaviour specialist Tanya Curtis.

For professionals in mental health, disability, education and the justice system (and beyond) and for parents, carers and kids.

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Each episode on FABIC.tv comes with an optional multiple choice assessment and certificate of completion that can be used for professional development.

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​​Presentations designed to support you to understand and implement lasting behaviour change for yourself and others.

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Behaviour change courses, Autism skills training and Functional Behaviour Assessment courses using Fabic's very own Body Life Skills methodology.

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Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis presents industry leading, muti-part professional and personal development series on Autism, Mental Wellness, Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA), the Body Life Skills (BLS) program and more...

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Build your own video library from our expansive range of presentations covering all aspects of mental health and wellbeing from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, supporting people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, addiction, perfectionism and more....

Professional Development Assessments Now Available on FABIC.tv

We are excited to release a new feature on FABIC.tv – Professional Development Assessments.

Every FABIC.tv episode now comes with an assessment option, which can either be used for professional development – check with your professional body for the relevant approval process – or your personal enrichment and deepening into all things LASTING behaviour change.

From Autism Studies to FABIC Functional Behaviour Assessment and the new FABIC Poster Collection (new episodes landing each week), when it comes to behaviour and LASTING behaviour change, we’ve got it covered.

Simply click on the button below the video player to open up your PD Assessment for that episode. Once you have passed, you will be immediately sent your certificate of completion via email.

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Latest releases from Fabic.tv

FABIC Poster Collection

Tanya Curtis has designed visual material for her clients since she started FABIC in 2006, designed to support the integration of behaviour change strategies into their natural settings to increase a person’s independence, capacity and quality of life as well as that of their care givers.

And thus, in 2024 the idea of a new FABIC.tv series called the FABIC Poster Collection was born, based on the booklet of the same name and comprising of 53 charts, each one a behavioural intervention in its own right, if not several all at once.

Stay tuned as a new episode is released each week throughout 2024.


Autism Spectrum Disorder: Complete Series

Diagnoses of autism are becoming ever more prevalent and many, if not most of us, know a person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, whether in our family, in the workplace or in the community.


Fabic’s Autism series offers professionals, family members, carers and staff, teachers and the wider community insight and an invaluable toolkit to support a person with an ASD more confidently. Based on understanding and the knowing that judgment and lasting behaviour change cannot exist together, the Body Life Skills program is the way forward to support all to reach their full potential.


Fabic Foundations 101

We all live in a forever expanding classroom of life, with lessons on offer every second of every day.

Fabic Foundations 101 is a collection of standalone presentations by industry leading behaviour specialist Tanya Curtis, covering topics that will assist with quality of life, mental wellness, coping skills and interpersonal relationships with self and others.

These foundational topics will assist in reducing anxiety, mental illness and unhealthy behaviour patterns while overall increasing people’s capacity to feel equipped to respond to every-day life.


Body Life Skills: A living model for lasting behaviour change

More than a program, Body Life Skills is a living model that supports a person to identify the parts of their life they perceive they don’t yet have the skills to respond to and then master those skills so they feel equipped to respond to life.

Developed by world renowned Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis, the methodology takes the approach that all behaviour happens for a reason and that all unwanted behaviour is preceded by anxiety.

This model works for anybody whether a client, a carer, an educator or a mental health professional to assist with lasting behaviour change.


Children's 'Video Books' to support with life skills and behaviour change

Tanya Curtis and Co. have produced a series of children’s books now available as a video series.

As Tanya often shares, these books are designed to make her job as a behaviour specialist redundant – meaning, when the principle messages are lived people will grow to live confidently, free of anxiety and thus truly supporting lasting behaviour change.

Each book introduces concepts such as emotional regulation, body positivity, personal responsibility and much more. The messages in each book are like an endless supply of parenting tips and daily living tips that equally apply to adults and children!

Tanya reads the books accompanied by gorgeous full colour illustrations by Desiree Delaloye.



Did you know?

Each episode comes with an optional assessment that, once completed, offers a certificate that can be used for professional development – check with your professional body for the relevant approval process.

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